Yigao Precision Standardized Management Oath Meeting

On July 30, 2017, our company, Yantai Yigao Precision Co., Ltd., officially held a Standardized Management Oath Meeting, which further stipulated and clarified all aspects and specific contents of the company's standardized management.

In terms of purchasing raw material, our company has a special purchasing department and strict purchasing standards, and has long term cooperated high-quality raw material suppliers. All purchasing must be operated through the company's purchasing system, thus ensuring the quality of raw materials.


In terms of production, our company's production runs completely in accordance with the ISO quality management system. In each step of the production process, such as Precision Turning Operation, Heat Treatments, Precision Grinding, Precision Finishing, Main Body Assembling, Testing, Final Inspection, Packaging and Delivery, there are strict production standards and inspection requirements in each step, which are exactly produce according to the quality management standards.

In terms of production equipment and technology, our company has dozens of advanced CNC processing equipment and first-class production operation system, and has many top technicians in the industry, which guarantee high quality of our products.

In terms of after-sales service, our company has a professional after-sales service team and technicians, which provide after-sales guarantee for our customers after purchasing hydraulic breakers.

In terms of employees, Yigao people always adhere to the corporate philosophy of "quality is the life of the company", take the quality management system as the business principle, and often organize employee training to continuously improve the quality awareness and comprehensive quality of all our employees.

Over the years, the excellent product quality and high-quality after-sales service have won the trust and support of our customers, achieved mutual benefit and win-win between the company and customers, and achieved a good reputation in the construction machinery market.
We will adhere to standardized management and achieve a better development and future for our company.

Post time: 2017-07-30