The responsibility for safety production is heavier than Mount Tai

The responsibility for safety production is heavier than Mount Tai, and the “valve” of this responsibility cannot be over-tightened. Yantai Yigao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is always tightening the strings, preventing risks and eliminating hidden dangers, and ensuring safe production without a “stop”.
Today, the company strictly implements the safety production responsibilities of local party committees; strictly implements the local government safety production responsibilities; strictly implements the departmental safety supervision responsibilities; conducts in-depth and solid national safety production inspections… Recently, the State Council Safety Committee has formulated a plan to further strengthen the implementation of safety production responsibilities. , Resolutely prevent and contain fifteen measures to contain major accidents, and deploy safety precautions. (Workers Daily, April 11)
Safety production is a major event, and we cannot relax at all. Experience has shown that some major security incidents are often sudden, unexpected, and complex. They seem inevitable and unavoidable, but they actually arise from hidden dangers that are neglected in daily life and are hidden in irresponsible details. Among them, human negligence and mental paralysis are the biggest hidden dangers. Relevant departments should always maintain safety awareness, shoulder their due responsibilities, and jointly protect a safe environment.
Suffering is born out of surprise, and misfortune arises from subtlety. It is necessary to realize that there is no “failure” in safety work, only “failure to fail”, and relevant departments need to tighten the string of safety at all times. To minimize the risk of safe production, it is necessary to tie the safety net more firmly and tightly. In this regard, in view of the main characteristics of production safety accidents in the past, it is necessary to consolidate responsibilities at various levels, pay close attention to the implementation of rectification, strengthen risk prevention and control, and fundamentally eliminate hidden dangers of accidents, which are placed in front of construction, production enterprises and relevant departments. A major event is also an unshirkable responsibility.

Post time: 2022-07-01