1、 Operators should be trained and master the control skills of breaking. Continuous blank firing and blindflod operating are prohibited.。
2、 Start the engine and idle for 5 minutes to heat the engine.
3、 After the heating engine, control the excavator walking and arm movement for 5 minutes, let the hydraulic oil circulate by itself, and make the oil temperature rise to an appropriate range.
4、 The back head and accumulator shall not be filled with any other gas other than N2 gas.
5、 The N2 gas in the back head should be controlled below 18 kg/cm2  within 50 hours of the start of the new breaker, and the impacting rate is not too high. The pressure and temperature of the hydraulic pump are observed in time. The working principle of hydraulic breaker is easy to cause damage to the pump on Excavator.
Improper operation may also cause damage to the parts of the breaker, so proper running-in adaptation is needed.
6、 Oil temperature over 85℃ (185℉), must stop operation . It can make the lubrication of hydraulic oil invalid, damage cylinder 、 piston and valve, even scraped in a very short time。High temperature will also damage the pump of excavator 。 Do not disassemble hoses or other parts that may cause scalding at high temperature.
7、The position and posture of the breaker should be adjusted frequently. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the tool and piston.
8、Attention to whether there is abnormal noise, the parts fall off or break down, whether the hoses has abnormal vibrating. It is normal that a small amount of oil flowing down the tool, which do not affect normal use.
9、 Non-underwater model and corresponding equipment shall not be operated in water.
10、Keep away from broken areas, gravel may cause safety accidents.
To extend the life of your breaker, your every spec operation is very important。


Post time: 2022-09-03