Pay attention to the crushing hammer – operation misunderstanding!–Part three

16, when using the hydraulic crushing hammer and rod should be perpendicular to the working face, with no radial force as the principle.


17, the hydraulic crusher must first press the rod on the rock, and maintain a certain pressure before starting the crushing hammer, is not allowed to start in the state of suspension.


18, the crushing operation, do not use to shake the rod, otherwise the main bolt and the rod have the possibility of rupture; Do not make the crushing hammer fall down quickly or hit hard stones, which will damage the crushing hammer or main engine due to excessive impact.


19, the broken object has been broken or began to produce cracks should immediately stop the impact of the crusher, so as not to appear harmful “empty”. Continuous and aimless impact will cause damage to the precursor of the crushing hammer and the loosening of the main bolt, and can injure the main engine itself in serious cases.

20. If the hydraulic crusher needs to stop using for a long time, it should exhaust nitrogen and seal the inlet and outlet of oil. It should not be stored at high temperature and under the environment of -20 degrees.

Excavator crushing technology is a skill that every machine operator should master. Under the premise of correct operation of the crushing hammer, it can not only improve the working efficiency of the crushing hammer, but also extend its service life.

Therefore, we should properly use and standardize operation, avoid common operation errors, can avoid some failures, effectively extend the service life of the hydraulic crushing hammer.

Post time: 2022-11-17