Celebrate twenty, celebrate the National Day

73 years have changed, 73 years have been earth-shaking. Over the past 73 years, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the New China has forged ahead in a new era, embarked on a new journey, and made remarkable achievements. On October 1, to celebrate the National Day, a total of birthday, the company’s various projects widely carried out “celebrate the National Day” series of activities, all employees in a consistent love of national conditions, patriotism, patriotism, patriotic line.

The waving of the national flag inspires the love of national conditions

In the early morning of October 1st, the company held a solemn national flag raising ceremony, accompanied by the majestic national anthem, the five-star red flag rose slowly under the gaze of everyone. All staff surging with enthusiasm, high morale and patriotic enthusiasm, expressed sincere feelings and good wishes for the great motherland, and determined to live up to the age and forge ahead.

Discussion and competition to express patriotism

On October 1, the company organized “celebrate 20, to celebrate the National Day” theme forums, and carry out “the celebration of National Day, celebrate 20 big” subject knowledge competition, motivate staff to more full of passion, more high morale and a more pragmatic style into work, to celebrate the National Day and build a good atmosphere to meet the party’s great victory at 20.

Stick to your post and love your country

Yigao people are doomed not to let go of this land where we are located. The corporate purpose of “jump to up” has long been integrated into their blood, and their feelings have been injected into every breaking hammer. They understand that a happy life needs to be created by themselves. During the National Day holiday, frontline employees of the company still stick to their posts and fulfill their responsibilities. They express their deep love for the motherland with enthusiasm and responsibility.


Post time: 2022-10-12